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    At Your Fingertips

    What type of experience did your patients have?

    Knowing exactly how a patient felt following a healthcare experience puts the provider at a clear advantage. Satisfied patients have increased retention rates, fewer filed lawsuits, and ultimately, better outcomes.

    Unsatisfied patients often relay their true feelings to family and friends putting your reputation and practice at risk.


    Online in Real Time

    Improving Patient Experience, Improving Practice Performance.

    Using the MedStatix Patient Experience Platform, providers, administrators, and practices can identify problems in real-time and make improvements that directly affect the outcomes in:

    • Provider Communications
    • Practice Operations
    • Customer Service


    Extensive comparative benchmarking options available for provider and practice peer comparisons.

    Options available:

    • Nationwide
    • Your Practice
    • Your Group
    • Your Practice Office Locations
    • CG-CAHPS


    In Your Inbox

    Automated Monthly Reporting

    Reports are automatically emailed monthly to the appropriate end users.

    Practices receive the following data:

    • Practice Location Report Card
    • Patient Comments
    • Provider Report Cards
    • Outlier Reports
    • Ranking Reports


    Into Your Specialties

    Covering a broad range of specialties, including:


    The Industry

    Healthcare response rates

    Healthcare completion rates

    Averaging 3-5 minutes to complete the survey


    For Your Patients

    Reputation Management

    MedStatix provides a variety of online reputation management tools that put the provider in control. Our consumer-facing star ratings system is simple and familiar and can be displayed on your site via an easy-to-implement widget. Information is automatically updated from our servers on a monthly basis, ensuring the most accurate and up-to-date ratings.

    And because MedStatix validates each visit, there’s no need to worry about invalid data skewing your results. We believe this is the transparency your patients are looking for.


    For Your Organization